Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

At this time we are less than half and hour from 2010 I wish everyone a Happy New Year! and hope you all make of this new year the best for the great times thats pass and for the ones up to come yet so everyone Happy New Year! and Happy Gaming from Tales of a Grandmaster Reed wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve.

I want to wish everyone in the blogging realm as well as on Wizard101 to have the best Christmas of all. I'm having a blast with my family and friends hope you all have it too. Since Christmas is a very special holiday for many people and as well for me I'm trilled of spending my very first Christmas been a member of wizard101 and as well been a blogger thanks you to all of you for the magical year it was awesome. Merry Christmas I wish you all from Tales Of a Grandmaster. Hope you guys get a wonderful holidays I know I will :D well see you all till next post.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving On hehe Not a New Subject. :D

After hours of hard playing, after days of encounters (by the way only 2 days XD) My balance type finished Mushu, was a lot of fun since I accomplished this with the help of 2 very specia persons, my brother Padric BlueRider and Amanda StormWeaver(Countess Shadowbane) thanks you both for the help and teh fun we had along the way. jade Oni wasn't happy after The Countess took him down with a triton here he express his feelings :D

There is nothing more sweet to see your quest Page full with turning in alone nothing else but just go talk and give experience baby o yea I know it cause I did it lol here is what my quest list looked for the first time ever.

But Jade Oni wasn't the only one to suffer a quick but hurtful defeat no no no no Death Oni, Oakheart (Oaky), and a couple other monster were defeated today in order to claim the title of, truly I don't know what title was it hehe. once again thanks you countess and bro for your help i couldn't have done it without you guys.

Also Cyrus Drake took a taste of the Wild Power of Balance Magic, I originally had tough to use storm magic on him but then again things don't always go how you plan it, after a lot of a temps of using Wild Bolt and failing for the first time on his life as a wizard he got a set of full power pips and then again luck ringed my door the 125 hit per pip judgement popped out and then again temptation went on me I had on him a feint a curse and some other storm boost on me Bladestorm and Balanceblade Surprising me it took more than 6000 of damage when I only need 5000 to kill him :P.

Well that is it for today hope you keep following me on the adventures that awaits see you soon and have a nice online experience see you all later bye.

Reed Out-

Monday, December 14, 2009

HO HO HO HO Christmas Is Here!

With the new season on Wizard101 comes a new series of new upgrades, Themed Houses, Felix Navidad, and new commons decoration YUP WE GOT A NEW COMMON LOOK XD.

Seem Only the commons got a new look.

But Check It Out!!!!
Felix Navidad is here and has to offer a hole new different set of Crown Gear Enjoy your Shopping :D

He has a lot of new stuff The Santa Out Fit which am sure we will be seen around more and more just got to give it sometime you'll see :D.

Look trough his wands selection and my personal favorite his pets comes with the Christmas Elf and the Frostman.

Well that's it for the updates all be doing a post mainly for the Theme Houses later today see ya all in the Spiral.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jade Oni Day!

Hosted by: Destiny DarkWeaver, Andrew ShadowBringer, Elija SoulCaster and me :D.

Today was a crazy day so we decided to farm the Jade Oni for special drops, it was actually kind of fun since we were 3 Death grands and one Myth grand, the strategy was simple and well known kill the Oni at any cost :D our mainly thing was trap and blade Andrews job was to get any dead shield that may be on action and hit as he wanted.

Jade Oni was a kind today he dropped the dryad hat(don't remember its official name XD) and on me i got his sword once again lol no other drops were registered by any of the farmers dough am sure some other good thing was gotten it was a a nice thing getting back to the old times of farming in my personal though because i don t really need any other drop just for fun or money.

We used a heck of a lot of spell, in them was the normal ward trap blade stuff and the old known wraith scarecrow pirate and many others here is one of my wraiths doing its job.

And when it healed me :P

This is one of Elijah's scarecrow which took the last chunk of life out if The Oni wile healing him back to his full set.

Andrew's Orthrus was a blast The Oni didn't know what hit him XD wile we just sit down and enjoy the show.

Destiny our most fearsome warrior was the lucky winner of the dryad hat congrats Destiny you really deserve it :D. As you can see Destiny has an awesome style to cast any spell.

Well this is almost or nearly all it happen today, we had a lot of fun wile Jade Oni suffered after each defeat XD well am not sure he suffered suffered lol, This is all we did at least today but rest assure we would repeat this at least I will hehe all try to make it a bit more interesting.

Special thanks to: Elija SoulCaster, Andrew ShadowBringer, and Destiny DarkWeaver for such amazing time wile on jade Oni today hehe it was fun, and after all I never got what I really went for the Drayd hat for my balance all he needs is 4 lvl to use it hehe well thats it for today see ya till next post.

Reed out-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bug Of The Week I Guess :D

Tonight after a lot of a temps on getting the Death Deck for my necromancer I notice something weird on one of my necromancer friends on his Wizard Card. His power and resist on dead school were slightly changed as you can see below the Power is on 30 and the resist on 39 which the correct order is Power on 30 Resist on 40.

Now I was lets say a bit "confused" when I first noticed this and so I checked on my necromancer because I really new this couldn't be right and I was right here is the stats on the same thing you can see that mines is slightly changed as well since the power should be 30 is only 29 but resist is on 40 so am not crazy after all" or am I?

That is one of the oddest bugs I have seen so far but not to be unproven here is the stats of the tree peaces of gear Hat, Robe and last but not least boots. They all show the correct status of damaged and resist offered to death students.

Now if we all do the math 13+17+10=40 on resist and 10+13+7=30 on power.

What brings us to the conclusion of the Mysterious Bug on Necromancers, can it be an graphic error a simply bug which needs to be fixed or my computer is playing tricks on me truly I'd like to know but is fun to see that when you do a spell sword it does the damaged stated and not the damaged showed hehe.

Not to mention that they are quite a few bugs that we come across but we don't realize that they are there in front of us but all is need is a sharp eye to pick up this puzzle pieces all dough this may be only a graphic error it was there for a reason but I'm sure it will go to normality as soon as it want to :P well this is it for tonight.

PS. Ahoy let me tell you guys that this posting stuff is great I hope you all had a nice time reading some of my common day stuff hehe Hope to see ya all in the Spiral!

-Reed Out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friends Since the Time is Time!

There is something in this game that attracts me specially and is the possibility to choose your friends. Since I met Amanda PixieWhisper or well know as (Countes ShadowBane) we became awesome friends and i actually got inspired to do this blog thanks to her there is always that friendship that everyone likes.

When we met and start to hang out and do quest I already had some experience on the game as only one of my guys had reached Grandmaster but I knew some stuff officially she had 2 grandmaster Amanda ShadowBane and Amanda PixhieWisper i only had one my storm was nearly on the border but not yet. She was kind enough to help me end my questing and become grandmaster and at that time my second one was born.

We had all kind of fun together always use to take pic and all that stuff is all proven on her blog many post refer as how we spent time. one of my favorites that you can find here titled WOW WHAT A NIGHT that day was crazy but sure was awesome.

We had great times and still we keep on the fun usually doing old stuff like arena or some kinda of instanced like Malistare which we have done nearly 200 times who knows maybe am short lol. We keep on track of everything on the Wizard world and always get along.

We have always try to help each other and we keep on till someone quits the game which I really doubt it he he am to attached to quit now :P. Here are my thanks To Countess Shadowbane for been such wonderful friend! Thank You!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Featuring Mushu Imperial Palace!

Since the beginning of times people started to believe that acquiring a castle was a real challenge some of them like the Mushu Imperial Palace. It does cost a lot of gold but some others do take that not for granted but as a minor challenge. I like to think of myself as one of those persons. There has been a similar interview which was awesome on the Tales of the Countess Shadowbane she did an amazing post showing one of my houses my fire wizard own that one and now I would like to show you guys the second Mushu palace I recently bought. This new castle was bough 2 days after I created my balance wizard and it took me 1 and half day to make if from a regular house into this that I will be showing.

There is a lot to this houses and what attracts me the most of the beautiful outdoors surrounding with a couple of trees and lets say some flowers this place can look even better than this one i know because i have it :D there is a lot to it if you put your mind into it possibilities are endless as long as you think o them.

I know a lot of persons that do love this castle maybe even more than I do and there is what we all call and know about "creativity" everyone has it you just need to find it!

Outdoors fresh air what else can you ask for this is truly a wizards paradise isn't it.

The waterfall is a flawless touch to this amazing view in my personal opinion is what makes this an irresistible place to live at least for a wizard :D.

This So called "bridge" is a discovery which spread out on the wizard world a lot faster than it usually does is a really amazing touch when you know what to do with it possibilities of this creations at nearly endless! I encourage people to try it makes the perfect touch for any house.

This is what I named after someone Is called "AMANDA'S GARDEN" is a beautiful addition to such place in between there is a unicorn statue which does match the surroundings.

A semi-full view of what the house is all composed off this is all there is to it i couldn't make it any better and that what creativity is all about think of something and make it happen i hope i inspire some of the readers onto make this places obtain their full potential and "folks if you got tha place show it off" :D take it to what you can think off.

Sorry for not showing the inside but there is one reason why I didn't :P is not finished I wanted to show you all how is this castle coming alone and I hope you all like it.

There is more to it and all try to make the best of it thanks for your time and have a great time at the game! I know I have had it :D

Introducing Myself.

Well i been playing Wizard101 for a bit now and i have reached grandmaster sixth times, but i wasn't happy with one of them so i made a tough choice i took one of my grandmasters out and replace it with a new wizard wont go into details but this is my entire crew :D hope you like it!

Since i adopted the name Reed so many times my friends call me differently even dough I got nearly the same name. Here is an example: When am on my storm wizard my friends call me "Storm Reed" on Fire "Fire Reed" Death, Myth, Balance and so on.

1st Wizard: Reed NightSword: Fire/Storm/Myth Currently lvl 50.

I cant ever forget my first times playing with this wizard I had so much fun as a novice player nearly 1 year ago hehe but its always a lot of fun to go back and see your very first friends.

2nd Wizard: Reed GoldenHunter: Myth/Life/Death Currently lvl 50.

GoldenHunter was created based on an arena duel that shock me i wasn't aware of almost half of the spell that exist on the game and one time a myth opponent shoot an Eartquake at us and took every trap and every blade on us since that time i knew i had to get that spell and that's how GoldenHunter was created i had so much fun and met a lot of friends along the way to grandmaster.

3rd Wizard: Reed NightSword: Storm/Death/Ice Currently lvl 50.

Many friends of mines say that my favorite should be storm because most of the times i will be find on storm but truly is that i only play much more on him cause am able to help more with his power but the truth is that i love to use all my wizards that's a fact :D.

4th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Ice/Fire/Dead Currently lvl 50.

Ice was a challenge since he was a novice for a long time i didn't raise him quite fast as usual but i had a lot of good times with him and it was awesome.

5th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Dead/Myth/Ice Currently lvl 50.

Dead became a grandmaster a lot faster than i expected all i was thinking of all the time i us him was "Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow", I love that spell even dough it took me a wile I have it yaya for me>

And Currently Working On:
6th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Balance/Dead Currently lvl 31.

And finally balance he is a challenge i really love that school for his secret arena weapon, don't tell anyone its Judgement :D this spell in the hands of a grandmaster sorcerer is a lethal weapon i know for experience hehe.

Well thats my story wile on other stuff all be going in deeper details on future post maybe i didn't bore you all to death after all here hope you all like what i been up to and plz if you have any question feel free to ask me all be having the POll, and question section a bit later see you later! Till next post

-Reed NightSword

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey Everyone!

First of all I would like to say how glad I am to be here. I never had try a blogging site or either dare to make one, but I'm here to see how my online experience reflex with my blogging experiences. I bet all made a lot of friends maybe even more than what I already have.I'm not really sure how to run a blog site or either how to make it exiting but rest assure all try to make it as good as many other famous sites that are currently on the web!

All try to make interesting post as well as many other bloggers do and they are awesome as i learn a lot form them each of them put something different into what they write what they experience what they live thats what i would like to do with this time all start dedicating as well i hope you all like what I will be writing and thanks for all your future support.

I will be posting future pictures of all my wizards and their status. I believe this is it for the first post hope I didn't bored any of you to dead hehe hope to see you all in the spiral!