Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jade Oni Day!

Hosted by: Destiny DarkWeaver, Andrew ShadowBringer, Elija SoulCaster and me :D.

Today was a crazy day so we decided to farm the Jade Oni for special drops, it was actually kind of fun since we were 3 Death grands and one Myth grand, the strategy was simple and well known kill the Oni at any cost :D our mainly thing was trap and blade Andrews job was to get any dead shield that may be on action and hit as he wanted.

Jade Oni was a kind today he dropped the dryad hat(don't remember its official name XD) and on me i got his sword once again lol no other drops were registered by any of the farmers dough am sure some other good thing was gotten it was a a nice thing getting back to the old times of farming in my personal though because i don t really need any other drop just for fun or money.

We used a heck of a lot of spell, in them was the normal ward trap blade stuff and the old known wraith scarecrow pirate and many others here is one of my wraiths doing its job.

And when it healed me :P

This is one of Elijah's scarecrow which took the last chunk of life out if The Oni wile healing him back to his full set.

Andrew's Orthrus was a blast The Oni didn't know what hit him XD wile we just sit down and enjoy the show.

Destiny our most fearsome warrior was the lucky winner of the dryad hat congrats Destiny you really deserve it :D. As you can see Destiny has an awesome style to cast any spell.

Well this is almost or nearly all it happen today, we had a lot of fun wile Jade Oni suffered after each defeat XD well am not sure he suffered suffered lol, This is all we did at least today but rest assure we would repeat this at least I will hehe all try to make it a bit more interesting.

Special thanks to: Elija SoulCaster, Andrew ShadowBringer, and Destiny DarkWeaver for such amazing time wile on jade Oni today hehe it was fun, and after all I never got what I really went for the Drayd hat for my balance all he needs is 4 lvl to use it hehe well thats it for today see ya till next post.

Reed out-


  1. Elijah SoulcasterAugust 2, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    I miss you guys :(
    my mom wont let me play anymore, but that was a very fun day

  2. Andrew ShadowbringerFebruary 24, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    Ah! the good old days..... If you somehow are reading this comment Reed, I'm going to agree with Elijah here that this was a day not meant to be forgotten.... with that being said i'm now into Pirate101 for some reason for another :P (Cunning Andrew Ire)