Monday, November 16, 2009

Featuring Mushu Imperial Palace!

Since the beginning of times people started to believe that acquiring a castle was a real challenge some of them like the Mushu Imperial Palace. It does cost a lot of gold but some others do take that not for granted but as a minor challenge. I like to think of myself as one of those persons. There has been a similar interview which was awesome on the Tales of the Countess Shadowbane she did an amazing post showing one of my houses my fire wizard own that one and now I would like to show you guys the second Mushu palace I recently bought. This new castle was bough 2 days after I created my balance wizard and it took me 1 and half day to make if from a regular house into this that I will be showing.

There is a lot to this houses and what attracts me the most of the beautiful outdoors surrounding with a couple of trees and lets say some flowers this place can look even better than this one i know because i have it :D there is a lot to it if you put your mind into it possibilities are endless as long as you think o them.

I know a lot of persons that do love this castle maybe even more than I do and there is what we all call and know about "creativity" everyone has it you just need to find it!

Outdoors fresh air what else can you ask for this is truly a wizards paradise isn't it.

The waterfall is a flawless touch to this amazing view in my personal opinion is what makes this an irresistible place to live at least for a wizard :D.

This So called "bridge" is a discovery which spread out on the wizard world a lot faster than it usually does is a really amazing touch when you know what to do with it possibilities of this creations at nearly endless! I encourage people to try it makes the perfect touch for any house.

This is what I named after someone Is called "AMANDA'S GARDEN" is a beautiful addition to such place in between there is a unicorn statue which does match the surroundings.

A semi-full view of what the house is all composed off this is all there is to it i couldn't make it any better and that what creativity is all about think of something and make it happen i hope i inspire some of the readers onto make this places obtain their full potential and "folks if you got tha place show it off" :D take it to what you can think off.

Sorry for not showing the inside but there is one reason why I didn't :P is not finished I wanted to show you all how is this castle coming alone and I hope you all like it.

There is more to it and all try to make the best of it thanks for your time and have a great time at the game! I know I have had it :D


  1. like the house pertty good and creative.

  2. Once again, you amaze me with your ability to turn an ordinary empty house into a beautiful paradise! It's a talent Reed :D. And I feel so special! My own garden hehe :).