Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friends Since the Time is Time!

There is something in this game that attracts me specially and is the possibility to choose your friends. Since I met Amanda PixieWhisper or well know as (Countes ShadowBane) we became awesome friends and i actually got inspired to do this blog thanks to her there is always that friendship that everyone likes.

When we met and start to hang out and do quest I already had some experience on the game as only one of my guys had reached Grandmaster but I knew some stuff officially she had 2 grandmaster Amanda ShadowBane and Amanda PixhieWisper i only had one my storm was nearly on the border but not yet. She was kind enough to help me end my questing and become grandmaster and at that time my second one was born.

We had all kind of fun together always use to take pic and all that stuff is all proven on her blog many post refer as how we spent time. one of my favorites that you can find here titled WOW WHAT A NIGHT http://talesofthecountessshadowbane.blogspot.com/2009/07/wow-what-night.html that day was crazy but sure was awesome.

We had great times and still we keep on the fun usually doing old stuff like arena or some kinda of instanced like Malistare which we have done nearly 200 times who knows maybe am short lol. We keep on track of everything on the Wizard world and always get along.

We have always try to help each other and we keep on till someone quits the game which I really doubt it he he am to attached to quit now :P. Here are my thanks To Countess Shadowbane for been such wonderful friend! Thank You!!!


  1. wow what a nice story about your friend diffently takes back memories of when I started wizard101. nice story thumbs up.

  2. Reed, your comments are too kind :). You have been the most fantastic friend to me - I appreciate everything you said. We have had rather a lot of fun, and you're right, we've done a lot lol. Never gonna quit - too attached to quit! Its the friendships that keep me coming back, not the quests now.