Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bug Of The Week I Guess :D

Tonight after a lot of a temps on getting the Death Deck for my necromancer I notice something weird on one of my necromancer friends on his Wizard Card. His power and resist on dead school were slightly changed as you can see below the Power is on 30 and the resist on 39 which the correct order is Power on 30 Resist on 40.

Now I was lets say a bit "confused" when I first noticed this and so I checked on my necromancer because I really new this couldn't be right and I was right here is the stats on the same thing you can see that mines is slightly changed as well since the power should be 30 is only 29 but resist is on 40 so am not crazy after all" or am I?

That is one of the oddest bugs I have seen so far but not to be unproven here is the stats of the tree peaces of gear Hat, Robe and last but not least boots. They all show the correct status of damaged and resist offered to death students.

Now if we all do the math 13+17+10=40 on resist and 10+13+7=30 on power.

What brings us to the conclusion of the Mysterious Bug on Necromancers, can it be an graphic error a simply bug which needs to be fixed or my computer is playing tricks on me truly I'd like to know but is fun to see that when you do a spell sword it does the damaged stated and not the damaged showed hehe.

Not to mention that they are quite a few bugs that we come across but we don't realize that they are there in front of us but all is need is a sharp eye to pick up this puzzle pieces all dough this may be only a graphic error it was there for a reason but I'm sure it will go to normality as soon as it want to :P well this is it for tonight.

PS. Ahoy let me tell you guys that this posting stuff is great I hope you all had a nice time reading some of my common day stuff hehe Hope to see ya all in the Spiral!

-Reed Out


  1. Maybe there's a rounding error somewhere?

  2. Well could be I'm not really sure doug i try the sword spell on a noneboost creature and it hitted 130 of damage so it may be just a graphic erro doug is funny how it changes in each of us :P