Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving On hehe Not a New Subject. :D

After hours of hard playing, after days of encounters (by the way only 2 days XD) My balance type finished Mushu, was a lot of fun since I accomplished this with the help of 2 very specia persons, my brother Padric BlueRider and Amanda StormWeaver(Countess Shadowbane) thanks you both for the help and teh fun we had along the way. jade Oni wasn't happy after The Countess took him down with a triton here he express his feelings :D

There is nothing more sweet to see your quest Page full with turning in alone nothing else but just go talk and give experience baby o yea I know it cause I did it lol here is what my quest list looked for the first time ever.

But Jade Oni wasn't the only one to suffer a quick but hurtful defeat no no no no Death Oni, Oakheart (Oaky), and a couple other monster were defeated today in order to claim the title of, truly I don't know what title was it hehe. once again thanks you countess and bro for your help i couldn't have done it without you guys.

Also Cyrus Drake took a taste of the Wild Power of Balance Magic, I originally had tough to use storm magic on him but then again things don't always go how you plan it, after a lot of a temps of using Wild Bolt and failing for the first time on his life as a wizard he got a set of full power pips and then again luck ringed my door the 125 hit per pip judgement popped out and then again temptation went on me I had on him a feint a curse and some other storm boost on me Bladestorm and Balanceblade Surprising me it took more than 6000 of damage when I only need 5000 to kill him :P.

Well that is it for today hope you keep following me on the adventures that awaits see you soon and have a nice online experience see you all later bye.

Reed Out-

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