Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing Myself.

Well i been playing Wizard101 for a bit now and i have reached grandmaster sixth times, but i wasn't happy with one of them so i made a tough choice i took one of my grandmasters out and replace it with a new wizard wont go into details but this is my entire crew :D hope you like it!

Since i adopted the name Reed so many times my friends call me differently even dough I got nearly the same name. Here is an example: When am on my storm wizard my friends call me "Storm Reed" on Fire "Fire Reed" Death, Myth, Balance and so on.

1st Wizard: Reed NightSword: Fire/Storm/Myth Currently lvl 50.

I cant ever forget my first times playing with this wizard I had so much fun as a novice player nearly 1 year ago hehe but its always a lot of fun to go back and see your very first friends.

2nd Wizard: Reed GoldenHunter: Myth/Life/Death Currently lvl 50.

GoldenHunter was created based on an arena duel that shock me i wasn't aware of almost half of the spell that exist on the game and one time a myth opponent shoot an Eartquake at us and took every trap and every blade on us since that time i knew i had to get that spell and that's how GoldenHunter was created i had so much fun and met a lot of friends along the way to grandmaster.

3rd Wizard: Reed NightSword: Storm/Death/Ice Currently lvl 50.

Many friends of mines say that my favorite should be storm because most of the times i will be find on storm but truly is that i only play much more on him cause am able to help more with his power but the truth is that i love to use all my wizards that's a fact :D.

4th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Ice/Fire/Dead Currently lvl 50.

Ice was a challenge since he was a novice for a long time i didn't raise him quite fast as usual but i had a lot of good times with him and it was awesome.

5th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Dead/Myth/Ice Currently lvl 50.

Dead became a grandmaster a lot faster than i expected all i was thinking of all the time i us him was "Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow","Scarecrow", I love that spell even dough it took me a wile I have it yaya for me>

And Currently Working On:
6th Wizard: Reed NightSword: Balance/Dead Currently lvl 31.

And finally balance he is a challenge i really love that school for his secret arena weapon, don't tell anyone its Judgement :D this spell in the hands of a grandmaster sorcerer is a lethal weapon i know for experience hehe.

Well thats my story wile on other stuff all be going in deeper details on future post maybe i didn't bore you all to death after all here hope you all like what i been up to and plz if you have any question feel free to ask me all be having the POll, and question section a bit later see you later! Till next post

-Reed NightSword

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  1. wow so many wizards that cool It's been a while since I played wizard 101 do to soem computer issues but so far I hope I get a computer fast and play it again I start all over I had a storm but I never really used and I start useing it again once I get a new computer.