Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Woot Celestia is almost Here HURRAY!

I guess we all know what this resent picture means, YEAH MAN Celestia is closer to be here every day. Now KI made us go crazy with this new Picture now we do know they will be some sort of crabs as stated on the first released picture, this one just confirms it, Well it can or could be the biggest update the game has had since the released of Dragonspyre. Many people I know including myself are really exited of this new update and am guessing everyone will be impatient until the new world gets released into the Test Realm I know I am. What is really bugging me is the new HATCHERY we will be having soon am thinking we gonna have to make our own pets but how is the question that still bugs me well we will know it in its time well thats everything I know off I really hope that world gets here soon lol we need new material in which to get new and fresh ideas for the blog post cause seriously the old stuff is getting old XD well until next time...

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you don't make it the first time try again till you get it right!

Quite a wile back I attempted to surpass my previous storm hit which was to Jotun, was around 33000, that first time because of lack in knowledge and timing I fail to make it happen due to a series of variables which is not worth talking for, so I tried once more and here are the results, Quite satisfactorily in my opinion.

After a 15 minute of trap and blade stacking plus healing we managed to place X amount of traps and blades between Kraysys and me. Here is the result of such matter. By the way it may be a little hard to see but the damage states 4881021.

Well it was a nice hit knowing it was my second try, I would want to Thank Tavia SandWisper, and Elie MistTail for helping me making this happen it was such an amazing time. In my personal opinion what makes you go crazy is the final part were all the traps and blades are breaking hehe is just awesome and I'm here by encourage anyone to try this is such an awesome experience thats everyone should try well I never even tough of breaking any current records just mines and here it is :D Hope you guys try it sometimes I assure you its a hole new way of making something casual "special"!

Happy Gaming!

Deck Problem Solution (I Hope) :P

I got a question just today from the following person: Zebrazoe, asking me the following:

Message: i have a problem ( I HAVE REPORTED IT TEN TIMES!) my training cards aren't in my deck when i fight! Yes, i put them in my deck! if you know a solution PLZ(PLEASE) tell me i am SO frustrated! help me PLZ! thanks!
zebrazoe (user name)

Me: Well I try replying to your email but it says you got a fatal error so here is my answer which I hope fits your question.

I think I can help you with it but is really simple did you ever tried to equip your deck (Is the small Deck Icon By the Mount Icon)

Which shows you all the decks you currently own, after you equip your spells just go to that Icon and double click on the deck which you built or just click it once then got to the bottom part and click the fancy hand which will equip it for you. Once its equipped another small closed hand will appear by the deck you selected meaning is equipped. If this doesn't fix your spell problems then I can't think of other thing that may be.

Happy gaming!