Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deck Problem Solution (I Hope) :P

I got a question just today from the following person: Zebrazoe, asking me the following:

Message: i have a problem ( I HAVE REPORTED IT TEN TIMES!) my training cards aren't in my deck when i fight! Yes, i put them in my deck! if you know a solution PLZ(PLEASE) tell me i am SO frustrated! help me PLZ! thanks!
zebrazoe (user name)

Me: Well I try replying to your email but it says you got a fatal error so here is my answer which I hope fits your question.

I think I can help you with it but is really simple did you ever tried to equip your deck (Is the small Deck Icon By the Mount Icon)

Which shows you all the decks you currently own, after you equip your spells just go to that Icon and double click on the deck which you built or just click it once then got to the bottom part and click the fancy hand which will equip it for you. Once its equipped another small closed hand will appear by the deck you selected meaning is equipped. If this doesn't fix your spell problems then I can't think of other thing that may be.

Happy gaming!

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