Monday, January 4, 2010

Bug Of The Week Returns!

Well this week has been awesome and am sure not just to me but to a lot of people, besides it was suppose to be a fun XMASS vacations for some it was for some others not so much.

Well just about this week i encounter some weird yet funny glitch around the spiral. This is gold since I discovered this one based on an accident hehe lucky me! Have a look! The weird thing is thats only the pigs got out of the circle not me. Then i started wondering hmm Santa must Have ban them form the battle circle just cause the were naughty this year it all makes sense! XD just Kidding all dough it is a funny glitch hehe!

Well Here I was on my Necromancer Jade Palace Oni farming the usual stuff but !!!!WAIT A MINUTE WHATS GOING ON!!!! I yelled to my laptop then I remember that one of my friends have had the same thing but I never experienced it myself before it funny cause you can ride as fast as your mount takes you but you just stand there between it and don't move all you do is look forward and look pale wonderful XD

Now This is not a glitch could happen to anyone just IS FUNNY BUT AT THE SAME TIME INFURIATING!! I got a question for you guys have you ever stared farming a boss who's health is fairly high and then again you got an attacking plan to kill him either in 1 or 2 shoots(and I Mean Game Casting Spells) not gun shoots. Well I been farming Jade Oni a lot and its not a mystery XD but this never happen to me before ever and is weird cause it never had happen to me! in A BOSS Jade Oni suffered the most damage he could take minus 1 he lived cause a weakness cast on me by the lats second reduced my normal killing damage to a seriously fairly damage that he could take and still live barely! Check This out! My friend of course started laughing with me as soon as he realize it as well who wouldn't!

Well thats is pretty much it about what I could find well I hope you all have a better year this year than last year, I just wish for Celestia to come out and the lvl cap get increased well see you guys later!

Happy Gaming!


  1. Could you tell me how you got that "contact me" gadget? I want one for my blog!

  2. Sure here is the link to it:

    You must register first and then make the adjustments they will give you the steps!