Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Personal Feelings About Wizard101!

I'm a big fan of Wizard101 and Wizard101Central I believe that they are both awesome sites. I been playing this awesome MMO for quite sometime and when it comes to how I feel about it its wonderful in my opinion. The question is why? Why haven't I lost interest in this game after so long playing it? The answer is simple yet complicate! Since I reached grandmaster for the 6th time I tough to myself THIS IS IT! WHY? because I have done everything there was to be done so far 6 times so why stay why not just move on? Well since I saw how the game was and how interesting was meeting new people and doing what you enjoy (because no one is going to play a game basically beat it 6 times and say they didn't like it at all lol) is common sense that if someone stays that long is because there is still that magic touch something has to keep you attached! Well what keeps me attached aren't the quest or the PVP, nah what really keeps me on is the awesome ability to make not real life friends but awesome online friends, why because in this time i been meeting awesome people that have made my online experiences terrific. For that I am truly thankful to all of those friends of mines I want to thank you all for making all my experiences how they are! Thank you all for those that I know and for those that I'm sure I will meet someday! So back to topic, on Central for example there nearly hundreds of treads talking about the same topic, WHATS THE POINT OF ALL THIS, WHY DO I KEEP PLAYING, I'M GOING TO QUIT. Seriously I haven't ever play such a game that has the ability to make me keep coming back not an addiction just something that takes your mind away form life and in someway it relaxes you it comforts you it even makes you think something else than (paying bills, school, work,) the usual common life problems. I always give out the same opinion, why do I like it Why do I keep playing it, and Why its their decision weather to keep playing or not. I'm not kidding when I say this but people sometimes ask more than what they can take! For basics KI they try to make as much as possible to make their costumers happy, lots of updates lots of new stuff will eventually come they are only humans and for that they need time to release what they have in mind. But them again another bunch of threads of how lazy KI is why they haven't do this or that just try and think what they got to go trough to do all that its only fair that they get the time they deserve don't they! Basically my hole point is to make people think as many as possible to open their eyes this is a great game and it has awesome players why not just make it so that there isn't always a discussion here or there. PLAY IT SAFE, HAVE FUN, and most of all ENJOY IT! Whats else can you ask out of it!

Sincerely Reed.

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